An Apology
From the Gods


What if every small town had

its very own god?

Anthony Young, a twenty-one year old college graduate, learns two things when he takes a job at his aunt’s apartment building in Bolinas, California: All the building’s residents are college-age women, and there’s conflict brewing between the god of Bolinas and the goddess of a neighboring town.

All chapters and bonus materials of An Apology From the Gods copyright © 2008-17 Scott A. Seely. All rights reserved.

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Notes from Scott:

Chapter 49, Anthony and Mackenzie,

is the final chapter of An Apology From the Gods.

Links to the most recent Apology chapters are

farther down on this page. To start from the very beginning and find out what

happens when every small town has its very own god, go to Chapter 1,

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Chapter 1 - Arrival

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