Mackenzie Lambert

Even though she’s still in college, Mackenzie is an accomplished martial arts practitioner.

Emily Little

Emily, 17, is the youngest resident of the Apthorp. She comes from a family of limited financial means, and is shy and easily embarrassed.

Katherine Hart

Katherine’s family  is wealthy and has a tradition of public service. She was once a dedicated worshiper of the god Bolinas. She hates change of any kind, but she’s changing.

Anthony Young

Anthony, fresh from an undistinguished career at a college in the central valley of California, lives and works at the Apthorp.

Isabella Fox

Isabella, a graduate of Coastal College, continues to live at the Apthorp while she tries to decide what to do with her life.

Audrey Brewer

Audrey is a practical and grounded individual. She wants to live a normal life.

F F (Fairfax Fern) Crescente

A priest, F F is the number one assistant to the High Priest of Bolinas. Lately he and Audrey are an item.

The Letter Carrier

Delivers the mail, but also poetry and prophesies.

The Apthorp

An apartment building in Bolinas, CA, where Mackenzie, Katherine, Isabella, Emily, Audrey, and Anthony live. A complete history of the Apthorp is here.