Dave and his buddies

Dave is a troublemaker from the word go, but even he has buddies.

Holy Oil Olive Ranch

The Holy Oil Olive Ranch, located near the town of Olema and owned by the Temple of Olema, is a popular tourist destination.


The mercenaries are, well, mercenary.

The Apthorp

An apartment building in Bolinas, CA. Important people in this story live there. A complete history of the Apthorp is here.

Balboa Portola

The number one assistant priest at the temple of Olema. His real name is neither Balboa nor Portola, but this is not sinister.

Irwin Griffin

The high priest of the goddess Olema. Some might call him ruthless.

Tiffany Clermont

A Breaking News reporter, she covered the Heavenly Days Red Carpet, here, and Bolinas Days, here.