F F (Fairfax Fern) Crescente

F F is the number one assistant to the High Priest of Bolinas. He and Audrey are an item.

Atwood Phelps

The high priest of the god Bolinas, Atwood is a renowned faith healer who worries about the state of his temple’s finances.

Bolinas and Olema

The gods, respectively, of the towns of Bolinas and Olema.

Irwin Griffin

Irwin is the high priest of the goddess Olema. Some might call him ruthless.

The Apthorp

An apartment building in Bolinas, CA, where Audrey and her friends live. See a complete history of the Apthorp here.

Audrey Brewer

Audrey is a practical and grounded individual who wants to live a normal life. She surprised herself by falling for F F, a priest.