Audrey Brewer

Audrey is a practical and grounded individual. She wants to live a normal life.

F F (Fairfax Fern) Crescente

F F is an ex-priest. Lately he and Audrey have become an item.

Bolinas’s Temple

The temple of the god Bolinas, the god of the town of Bolinas.

Balboa Portola

The number one assistant priest at the temple of Olema. His real name is neither Balboa nor Portola, but this is not sinister.


Olema is the goddess of the town of Olema. She prefers to focus on her own interests, and an interesting set of interests they are.


Bolinas is the god of the town of Bolinas. He has been concerned for the welfare of his worshipers.

Bolinas’s Blog

It’s not generally known, but the gods have blogs. You can read Bolinas’s blog here.