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Divine Propriety

What should a God be like?

Here’s a thought: Not like Olema. Her outlook, her morals, and her actions -- not to mention the festering awareness she calls her mind -- all make a mockery of what it is to be a God.

She doesn’t understand a God needs to struggle to be truly divine. She’d get it, if she cared about her worshipers at all. But she doesn’t. Instead, she just indulges herself all the time, and when you’re a God, all the time is a long time. You’d think she’d get tired of it.

Caring for worshipers takes effort, lots of effort. For instance, mine don’t pay attention to me unless I manifest two feet from their faces. Otherwise, they ignore me completely. Oh, of course they “worship” in the temple once a week, but what happens if I tell them to live better lives? Nothing.

It gets old after a while.


Is it worshipers or is it girl problems, Bolly? Why antagonize Olema? Wasn’t that fight at the conference enough?


    God of Galveston, Texas

    Where real worshipers worship


Snicker. If your worshipers don’t do what you want, strike them down. Be a God, not a pussy. 


    Goddess of Olema, California

    Let religion put a little fun in your life

Perseverance, not Perversion

A real God doesn’t strike worshipers down or haul them off to a dungeon for “special” sessions. That’s not religion, that’s perversion, and that’s Olema, the original perversion of Godhood.

A real God serves his worshipers like I do, and that takes attention, hard work, and enough holiness to persevere even when it seems like I’m not accomplishing a damned thing because my worshipers are so self-involved they don’t respond at all.

Then, after ignoring me, they turn around and pray for this and pray for that. And if I don’t hop to it, they complain bitterly and talk about becoming Unitarians. It’s like I don’t have anything to do except cater to them, while they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to.

It really makes me tired. I think I’m reaching a breaking point on this.


Hey, we know a lot about self-involvement down here.


    God of Hermosa Beach, California

    Accept the Sacraments of Sun, Sand, and Surf

Worshiper Fatigue

Why don’t my worshipers listen when I tell them to live better lives? It doesn’t make sense, unless they really don’t care what happens when they die.

Maybe I should go Old Testament on them. Hit ‘em hard: Blow up their hot tubs, level the Grape & Pint, put non-organic fertilizer on their gardens. Ha, ha.


With my worshipers, it’s the same old thing every time, all the time.

I hear Olema’s threatening to attack them. Maybe I should let her do it. Then I’d kick her ass, perform a couple miracles, and everybody in Bolinas would do anything I say. Until the end of the next news cycle. Maybe.

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of them.

It’s a drag to be eternal.


The Covenants prohibit attacking worshipers.


    God of Festus, Missouri

    Worship in Festus, and your troubles won’t fester


Did you just threaten me, Bolly-Poo? You shouldn’t make threats you can’t carry out. If you can’t handle your worshipers, how are you going to handle me?


    Goddess of Olema, California

    Let religion put a little fun in your life


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