Mackenzie’s Demonstration




Mackenzie wears white baggy pants and a loose top.

The camera pans to Mackenzie, who smiles, embarrassed.

MACKENZIE: Thank you for this opportunity, Tiffany.

SEVERAL VOICES, OFF CAMERA: Go Mackenzie! Woo-hoo!

TIFFANY CLERMONT [Breaking News reporter]: We’re here at the Bolinas Days festival with Coastal College student Mackenzie Lambert, who has invited me to join her as she performs a martial arts demonstration.

Good afternoon, Mackenzie.


Tiffany Clermont, wearing a perky expression, stands on the Bolinas Days stage. The microphone she holds is carefully positioned so it doesn’t obscure her face.

TIFFANY: Tell our viewers about your uniform.

MACKENZIE: It’s called a karate gi, and it’s loose to make it easy to move.

Tiffany points to the black belt tied around Mackenzie’s waist.

Mackenzie performs the same movements, much more rapidly.

Mackenzie goes through a series of slow movements.

TIFFANY: Why are you moving so slowly? In the movies, martial arts fights are always so fast.

MACKENZIE: You practice slowly to learn to move at the speed of your thoughts. When your mind moves faster, as it does when you have an opponent, your body automatically moves faster.

TIFFANY: What about your black belt? Does that mean you’re an elite practitioner?

MACKENZIE: It might be better to say that now I’m ready to hear what real experts can teach me. After you’ve gone a long way, you finally realize what it means to learn.

TIFFANY: I understand practice is an important part of martial arts. Can you show us what that’s like?

Tiffany points to a pad being positioned on the stage by a young man in a martial arts uniform.

Mackenzie lifts a leg off the ground and, keeping her knee straight, swings her foot up and past Tiffany’s face in a graceful circle.

TIFFANY: Oooh! But some people might be surprised to see a woman presented as an expert in martial arts.

MACKENZIE: They should know that most disciplines do not exclude women.

TIFFANY: Now Mackenzie’s going to demonstrate a martial arts movement, and I’m going to be her assistant. Or maybe I should say, guinea pig.

[To Mackenzie] I’m a little nervous about this, so please go easy on me. That’s so I don’t get hurt, right?

TIFFANY: Your movements are beautiful. To me, they seem really close to dancing.

MACKENZIE: Constant practice makes it possible to do many things dancers do.

Tiffany, surprised, gives her microphone to Mackenzie’s assistant and takes off her shoes.

MACKENZIE: Actually, you’ll be demonstrating on me, so give your microphone to Rick.

And you’ll need to be in firm contact with the floor, so please take off your shoes.

Mackenzie moves behind and a little to the side of Tiffany. She positions Tiffany’s body and places Tiffany’s hands on her arm.

She speaks to Tiffany in a low voice. Tiffany listens, wide-eyed.

MACKENZIE [to the camera]: The effectiveness of this move depends on the application of leverage.

Mackenzie nods to Tiffany, who is gripping Mackenzie’s arm.

MACKENZIE: OK, go ahead.

TIFFANY [alarmed]: Really?

Tiffany leans forward and pulls on Mackenzie’s arm.

Mackenzie gives a not very noticeable jump and somersaults over Tiffany’s hip, landing on her back on the pad.

TIFFANY [to the camera]: I don’t know about this, but here goes.

Mackenzie gets up and brushes herself off.

Tiffany performs a mock bow.

AUDIENCE: [Applause.]

With a grand gesture, Tiffany presents Mackenzie to the audience.

TIFFANY [beaming]: Wow! I guess I’m ready to defend myself now.

MACKENZIE [smiling]: You might need a little more training.

VOICE FROM THE AUDIENCE: Hey! Did she just tell a joke?

TIFFANY: Let’s hear it for Mackenzie Lambert, folks!

AUDIENCE: [Applause.]

Mackenzie and her assistant begin to straighten the stage.

Tiffany takes back her microphone and goes down into the audience. She holds the microphone out to three men.

TIFFANY: And now let’s get some reactions from our audience.

Dave, one of the men, steps forward aggressively.

TIFFANY [to the men]: Isn’t it amazing how a woman can defend herself?

Dave’s two buddies snigger and nod in the background.

DAVE: Take it from ol’ Dave, no woman can stand up to a man.

Dave hands his wallet and what appears to be a handgun to one of his buddies. He goes up the steps and on to the stage.

TIFFANY: Of course, I’m no expert, but Mackenzie seems pretty strong to me.

DAVE: That’s because you’re not a man. Watch this, I’ll show you.

Mackenzie stops cleaning up and comes over to Dave.

DAVE [to the audience]: That was all fake. Couldn’t you tell? It was just made up for TV.

Dave preens for his buddies.

MACKENZIE: Sir, I believe there are things involved here you don’t understand.

DAVE: Forget it, girlie. You got nothin’.

DAVE’S BUDDIES [from the audience]: That’s right! You tell her, Dave!

Dave grabs Mackenzie’s wrist.

MACKENZIE: I’m afraid you’re speaking from ignorance. Please leave the stage.


DAVE: When a man’s involved, there’s nothing a woman can do.

Dave lifts Mackenzie’s arm up to show the audience that he’s holding it.

MACKENZIE [calmly]: Let go.

DAVE [grinning]: Aw, baby, you know you love a strong man.

Dave grins at the audience, still holding Mackenzie’s wrist.

Mackenzie stands quietly next to him.

MACKENZIE: No, I don’t, and I don’t want to hurt you.

DAVE: Hurt me? Who are you kidding? I’d like to see you do that big fighting stuff to ol’ Dave.

Dave starts toward the stairs leading down from the stage, pulling Mackenzie after him.

DAVE: Why don’t you stop pretending to be tough? Come with me and my buddies. We’ll have a drink and a little fun.

MACKENZIE: I’m not interested.

DAVE: Aw, you’re scared, ain’t you? That’s cute. You need a man like me to protect you. Then you can stop spending time on stuff like this. Let’s go.

Suddenly, Dave isn’t holding on to Mackenzie. Instead, Mackenzie has Dave’s wrist in her hand.

She pulls his arm up behind his back.

MACKENZIE: I don’t think so.

Mackenzie walks Dave toward the stairs.

Dave’s buddies start up the stairs to help him.

MACKENZIE: I said, I’m not interested, and I can’t imagine who would be.

Now please leave the stage, so I can finish up.

Mackenzie puts more pressure on Dave’s wrist.

MACKENZIE: Tell them to back off.

Dave waves his buddies off with his free hand.

DAVE: Augh!

Mackenzie releases Dave and turns back toward the center of the stage.

MACKENZIE: The gentleman’s decided to find someone who actually thinks he’s attractive. Haven’t you?

DAVE: Yes. Yes, I have.


Dave charges at Mackenzie’s back.

Mackenzie spins around and meets Dave’s charge. Barely seeming to move, she puts him down on the pad covering the stage.

DAVE: But I’m not done with you.

Dave scrambles to his feet, raises a fist, and swings.

The blow doesn’t land, and once again Mackenzie puts him on his back.

Dave clambers up again, glaring at Mackenzie.   

Mackenzie looks back calmly and raises an eyebrow.

Fists clenched, Dave stomps off the stage and rejoins his buddies.

DAVE: You bitch!

Tiffany goes over to the group from the Apthorp.

Isabella is at the front of the group. Emily is on one side of her, and Katherine on the other. Anthony, Audrey, and F F are behind them.

In the background, Dave watches and listens with his buddies.

AUDIENCE: [Applause.]

TIFFANY: Wow! Wasn’t that amazing? It’s just another example of the drama you can expect when Breaking News is on the scene.

Some of Mackenzie’s friends are here. Let’s talk to them now.

Tiffany holds her microphone out to Isabella.

TIFFANY: I understand you live in the same apartment building with Mackenzie. What’s that like?

In the background, Dave points out the the Apthorp group to his buddies.

ISABELLA: For starters, we sure don’t make the mistake that guy just made.

TIFFANY [to Emily]: Is it intimidating to live with someone like Mackenzie?

EMILY: Oh, no. Mackenzie’s really nice.

Dave stares at Katherine. When she mentions the Apthorp, he says something to his buddies.

A man in a military uniform, carrying a tablet computer, stops next to Dave and his buddies. He scans the area, comparing what he sees to something on the tablet screen.

Dave talks to the military man, who points north, toward the town of Olema. Dave nods.

TIFFANY [holding the microphone out to Katherine]: She’d intimidate me. Actually, she already did.

KATHERINE: To us, Mackenzie’s not some big expert. She’s our friend. We’re lucky to live in the Apthorp with her.

Tiffany leaves the Apthorp group and attempts to catch up with the mercenary.

He ignores her and disappears into the crowd.

TIFFANY: [noticing the military man]: Ah, that looks like a mercenary soldier.

Let’s see what a trained fighter thinks of Mackenzie’s demonstration.

Tiffany lowers her microphone, and the screen fades to commercial.

TIFFANY: Not this time, apparently.

So that’s the story from Bolinas Days. Back to you, John and Marsha.